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Brittany <3//+

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Happy birthday kayla* [30 Jun 2004|08:26pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Well uhh Today is Kaylas bday happy bday kay kay! ill update about what happened yesterday cuz it was sorta intresting.

Tuesday--» Picked Kayla up at like 9*15 am and went to the roller rink..ohh yah fun stuff! We played sum vball and BAsketball and Then I cleaned out kaylas purse and i made special named compartments for stuff. Then We found batterys and we built are wannabe atomic bomb hehe it was so rad! Then we ate cuz we were hungry n We went to make are like action movie and i taught Kayla how to kickbox like the tae*bo guy it was funny then we were sittin down and the boys started to play basball and then this totally gay 15 or wutever year old comes up to us and he was bein all gay so i was like tellin him off and crap...he was juss gay. Then kayla and me played Vball with Trev, Tyler, Grant, and jake and we all juss chilled and then we dropped kayla off at like 2 and i went home and had trevs hockey game.

Today--» I went to bestbuy with my mom and got my new DDR pad thing becuz my other 2 were broke and i got the Sugarcult cd and we went out for lunch at Chilli's and We came home and i played DDR for like an hour.

-Tomorrow im prolly doin sumthin with either Kayla or ashley im not sure so yeah..ill edit later*


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[28 Jun 2004|11:01am]
[ mood | silly ]

Yesterday i went over to ashes house and she was havin like a family BBQ and we jumped on the trampoline then we went online and stuff and her sister has this antfarm thign and all the ants are dead its funny. Then my dad came and picked me up at like 5 and i went home and i got ready then i went back to Ashes at like 7 and her mom took us to go see whitechicks that is the bestest freakin movie i have ever seen me and ashley laughed so hard through out the entire movie! We had to pee 3 times. Yea we think we have bladder problems haha..So yah my dad came and picked us up around 9*45ish and we took ashley home and tonite i think shes gonna sleepover! woohoo and uhh yeah tuesday were goin back to the rollerrink well i am and im takin ashley my bestesr friend! lol yeah not much happened but yah..

<333 jgfrjsftg:)

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Finally an update..<3 [26 Jun 2004|10:17pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

haha i havent updated an awhile..well Last nite was Emily's party lol it rawked! Bridget, Dee, Lisa, Em, Nat, Taylor, Brit, Mandy, Arianna, and Kelsi were there..lol We all went in the pool which was like 96 degrees and it burned! We all started to play Vollyball but bridget was krippled..cuz she has a broken finger. Then we wanted to go TEEPEE! Freddys house becuz he was beng a manslut to tay so yah we like walked all the way down there with all of are toliet paper and Marshmellows (we had a marshmellow launcher)..yeah were kool! And then we went to James house and asked him for toliet paper and i think he gave us 2 rolls and then we had like 8 all together! and James and his friend Luke all came with us but then we had a MINOR SETBACK! Freddys door was open so we werent able to TEEPEE and Dee and james were kinda gettin a lil freeky! So we left and bridg was all pissed (long story) so we left and left Dee, tay, James, and his weirdish friend behind. When they came back we were all sittin on the couch and we were mad at Dee and then she got mad at ahh. So we all ate and watched 13! and yah Danielle was Lesbian from 8*12..man it was hilarious i had to feed her watermelon shes a funny lezbo! She was laying on me when we were watchin the movie then we all did BODY TATOOS with permitant markers...Lisa and Tay and all them were playing Strip volleyball so they all had got dressed with weird things..then they were strippin Lisa and all the other girls are a year older then me..im a youngin. haha i started goin out with Ems bro carson and Kelsi was like OHHH sleepin at your boyfriends you whore! I was on the trampoline with Dee and Kels and bridg was like maybe you hsould go on the tramp your g/f is out there you 2 can get BOUNCY! lol it was Grrrreaaat~ Then uhh we all went to bed and Ari and Em drew on my leg and it said "we did this and your sleepin love Ari and em" lol and then we when swimmin and that was it for Friday!

We had a neighborhood partay and yah everyone was at James but hes a fag and no1 should hangout with him and hes a gay freshman. Sooo i wsa babysittin the lil kids and playin Vball and Bridget and Lisa cameover! Becuz james party was gay and alyssa and Kaypee were goin over there and they didnt wanna see them so yah we hung out and lisa n bridg ate all my food so then yah Bridges dad came and picked them up and i went back to the party and ate and jumped on the tramp with liz, megs, moll, and Shannon and then they had the huge LWF firework show which is like rite in my Backyard..well not really but yah so we watched and then i left and came here and im updating and tomorrow were goin to get me a new digtal camera i think cuz my old one broke and it was gay!

<3333 Brittany

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[23 Jun 2004|05:14pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Yeah im tired again i was up early again and tonite ill prolly go to bed early..ive came to the descion that i wanna quit cheer...1)because none of my friends that will be going to my school next year will be on the team.. 2) Im not having fun and 3) I wanna do other things. Yeah im kinda upset im really hating the facts that friends like do anythignt o impress you or try to be like you in someway they like Listen to the same music and when u bring sumthing up that you like there all like " OMG YEAH wutever is the best" and its just like..be yourself..? I dunno its just getting me mad lately. Ashley comes back in like 3 or 4 days and yes me n her will have big sleepover! lol Im kinda tired im gonna go take a nap and just yeah...ill probaly update later tonite.

<3 Brittany

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..im so0o0o tired* [22 Jun 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Uhh well last nite kayla slept over and we went to my bros hockey game..we didnt watch haha we were EATING! We went to the Dippin Dots machine adn i wanted strawberry and it gave me sum weird oreos thing..(nasty). Then me adn kayla had Mardi Gras by areselves..yep we are losers. Then we left and i think Trev's team beat the other team but i dunno. We got pizza and it was really good. Then we just chilled in the absement and did that stuff...REAL FREEKY NAUGHTY <--lol if youve seen Dodgeball youd understand.. Uhhw e stayed up till like 4*30..Then Kayla passed out but i didnt i stayed up to watch Music videos and then i got up and showered at like 7*30 and then i had to wake Kayla up and she was mad cuz i was all ready and she wasnt. We went to the roller rink for hockey and me and kayla PLayed V*ball and Basketball and wall ball..dont ask we were bored. I got my hat out of my moms car and i had it turned side ways and this group of like workers saw me and Kayla walking down the side of the hill and the one guy was like "GangSter Gangster were gonna get shot" lmao it was hilarious i told cody and everytime i saw cody he'd be like Gangsta gangsta! Then uhh the guys started to hang with us and we got tired so we went to the car n ate and stuff and we stayed till about 1*30 and Chris and his little brother John came home with us..we were gonna swim but we ended up not. So0o me and kayla jumped on the trampoline then i ended up gettin my back handspring..and Kayla left around 4*30 and i went inside and cleaned the basement and i vacumed.. cuz my mom said i had too. Then i fell asleep on the couch and yeah im updating. Tomorrow i have a doctors appointment or sumthing and then Kayla might comeover or ill call Danielle.

<333 Brittany

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[21 Jun 2004|01:21pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well on Fathers Day we had a family BBQ and yeah the whole family was over..:/ erg! lol All my littler cousins wanted to go in the pool the whole time! If they werent doing that they wanted to play MOnster on the trampoline. Then we Just all hung around my house and then my 4 year old Cousin Mia was crying because she wanted to go to the park. So i took her and My other cousin Andrew. Everyone left around 9ish..? Today i got my braces tightened at 9*00am..Man i got these new wires called Criss*cross wires..They hurt realllly bad! Tonight i think Kayla's coming over and she might sleepover..Tuesday Trev goes to the rollerrink and me and Kayla wanna see the kids we havent seen since we converted to the Chill! lol..but were back to the sabres(my bro is..) So yeah..Thats about it. I wanan go to the mall for some reason today but i went like 3 days ago..whatever? So0o yeah im gonna go talk on AIM somemore.

<333 britt

Fall in love with Tom!

[20 Jun 2004|11:05am]
[ mood | happy ]

Todays Fathers day and were havin some big Family BBQ at my house. Greeeat! I also have cheer tonite from 4*6 and i dont think i can make it. Part of me wants to quit..but the other half doesnt. Uhh I think my moms dad and Stepmom are comin over and then my dads parents are and i think my Aunt and Uncle are too. Last nite i stayed on till like 1 with kayla and Trev and katie..lol It was fun me and Katie were making are little slogans..((dont ask)) Then me and Kayla were talking about this like future job quiz..yep im supposed to be a human bomb aka Terrorist haha but i dont wanna do that! Well i got to go get ready for today..ill update after everyone leaves*

<3333 Brittany

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Thank YoO Rachel [19 Jun 2004|07:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

ThaNkz so much Rachel ur rad man..lol i love how ya made this.*

tom delonge=sexy sexy man.

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New LJ [19 Jun 2004|07:08pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey everyone
This is Rachel up in Brittany's (hope i spelled it right) live journal.
Its lookin pretty pimpin.

Everyone- she is obsessed with Blink 182

The colors need some work.
I tried to make them match.
I can change what ever you want ok Britt!
Hope you like it!


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..HEy [19 Jun 2004|05:49pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

This is new and all so i dunno..maybe sum1 can help me with this..? lol im better with xangas

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